Sunderland Cemetery Index

We have been transcribing graves from Cemeteries in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear (formally in County Durham), England. It is a work in progress so check back for updates. It may contain errors - typing 1000's of names with tired eyes and human hands isn't perfect. Also some of the older graves are a bit worn down and damaged and many have been removed since starting to transcribe.

This is an index list so if you see any names that you would like more information about then email me: sunderlandward@hotmail.com

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***Please note: We are not associated with the Sunderland Council or Cemeteries Department, we are just family history enthusiasts, who want to help others like us.***

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Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Index
Bishopwearmouth Cemetery, Chester Road, Sunderland. One of the larger Cemeteries in Sunderland.
Now includes Jewish part of the Cemetery.
We have now completed all but the most recent, so will not be updating this list for a few years.
Lastly updated: Feb 2019.  Names: Over 30,000

Castletown Cemetery Index
Castletown Cemetery, Hylton Castle Road, Sunderland. A smaller Cemetery, located on the North side of the River Wear.
Completed. Names: Over 980.


Harraton, St George (Fatfield) Index
St George's Church, Vigo Lane, Harraton, Washington. A small village Church Cemetery.
Completed. Names: Over 500

Holy Trinity Parish Church Index
Holy Trinity Parish Church, East End, Sunderland Built in 1719, it no longer has headstones in the churchyard.
The inscriptions were copied down about 15 years ago, so no pictures available.
Names: 290.

Mere Knolls Cemetery Index
Mere Knolls Cemetery, Dykelands Road (Torver Crescent), Fulwell, Sunderland. A large cemetery in the North of Sunderland.
We have now completed all but the most recent, so will not be updating this list for a few years.
Last updated: 17/02/2019 Names: Over 12,000.


Penshaw, All Saints Church Index
All Saints Church Penshaw, Penshaw Lane, Sunderland.
Completed. Names over 1,000.

Ryhope Cemetery Index
Ryhope Cemetery, Burdon Lane, Ryhope, Sunderland.
This is currently in the process of being transcribed so keeping checking back for updates.
Last updated: 11/09/2015  Names: Over 2,400. 

Seaham, St John Cemetery Index
Parish Church of St John the Evangelist, Seaham
All headstones have been removed and placed around the outside of the grounds. The headstones are very old and a lot are really hard to read and make out.
We have done our best to get all of the information correct.
Completed. Names: Over 260.

Seaham, St Mary Cemetery Index
The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Church Lane, Old Seaham
Completed. Names: 400.

Silksworth, St Leonard Cemetery Index
St Leonard's Cemetery, Tunstall Village Road, New Silksworth, Sunderland.
Completed.  Names: Over 530

Silksworth, St Matthew Cemetery Index
St Matthews Cemetery, Silksworth Road, New Silksworth, Sunderland.
This is currently in the process of being transcribed so keeping checking back for updates.
Last updated: 16/05/2013  Names: Over 700

Southwick Cemetery Index
Southwick Cemetery, Wembley Road, Southwick Sunderland.
Completed.  Names: Over 4,200.


Southwick, Holy Trinity Cemetery Index
Holy Trinity Church, Church Bank, Southwick, Sunderland.
Completed. Names: Over 200.

St Peter's Church Cemetery Index
St Peter's Church, St Peter's Way, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland.
Completed. Names: Approx. 100.


Sunderland Cemetery Index
Sunderland Cemetery, Ryhope Road, Grangetown, Sunderland.
Completed all graves as of 2018.
Last updated: 17/02/2019. Names: Over 13,000.


Washington, Holy Trinity Church Cemetery Index
Holy Trinty Church, The Avenue, Washington
Complete. Names: Over 400.


West Herrington, St. Aidan's Churchyard Index
St Aidan's Churchyard, Herrington Road, West Herrington.
Mostly Complete. Names: Over 800.


West Rainton, St Mary Church Index
The Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Church Row, West Rainton, County Durham.
Completed. Names: Over 360.

Whitburn Burials (1579-1812) Register Index
Whitburn, Durham
Transcribed from the Registers of Whitburn, Durham. Vol X.

Whitburn Cemetery Index
Whitburn Cemetery, Mill Lane, Whitburn
Completed. Names: Over 2000.

Whitburn Parish Church Index
Whitburn Parish Church, Church Ln, Whitburn
Completed. Names: Over 320.


***Surrounding Areas***
We have been out researching our own families in places outside of Sunderland, and thought we may as well work on those Cemeteries as well to help others.
So we'll add those indexes to the 'Surrounding Areas' page as we transcribe them.
Last updated: 20/05/2019