Sunderland Ward

Brief History of the Sunderland Ward

Compiled by Sheila Hughes. If you have any information on the History of the Sunderland Ward or its members email:

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10 Jan 2010 The Weather this winter has been so bad that the Ward Sacrament meeting was cancelled, the members were encouraged to hold meetings in their own homes for this week. With all the snow that we have had this last three weeks made the car park unsafe to use, the surrounding roads were also very dangerous to drive on, The bishop cancelled the meetings this week and hope that by next week we will be able to clear the car park and return to regular meetings.   Sister Mavis Spence opened her home to members living in her area, to hold sacrament meeting. Bro and Sis Gareth and Nicola Hughes also opened their home for all the members living on the north side of the town, the Castletown area.

4th March 2010 The local School, Hillview School contacted the church and asked if they could bring a group of children to have a look round our church and find out about our religion. They contacted the church through the Family History Centre and Sister Sheila Hughes the family history Director organised the day. The group of children turned into two groups each containing 50 children and their teachers. The first group came and one hour later the next appeared, it was like a conveyer belt with the children split into small groups and each was given a tour of the building by members of the Sunderland ward. The children asked many question about the building, our beliefs, family history and what it was like being a member and many others. The day was very busy but enjoyable and to finish with the children enjoyed a drink and a biscuit.

13th March 2010 Bro and Sis Fred and Margaret Liddle organised a Country and Weston night for the members of the ward. The members came all dressed in costume to suit the theme of the night. Margaret and Fred worked very hard to make it a good night.

3rd May 2010 Bro and Sis Andrew and Helen Hughes organised a “Picnic in the park” held in Herrington Park but the weather was not good for us this day as it rained most of the day, but this did not stop the members of the ward from enjoying themselves the just moved the picnic to the Chapel and enjoyed games in the hall.

22nd May 2010 Sis Helen Hughes organised a Temple visit for the sister of Relief Society.

27th May 2010 Sister Helen Hughes the President of Relief Society organised an “Emotional Well Being” presentation given by Bro and Sis Shaun and Melanie Kinghorn of the South Shield Ward. This was a night where the sister could have their question answered and to know that help is at hand for anyone that needed it. There were many question asked and Bro and Sis Kinghorn was on top form and answered all the question that were asked I am sure both being in the medical profession helped.

27th May 2010 was also a busy night for the sisters as when the Presentation finished the sister stayed to prepare a meal for the homeless. The Food was cooked then packed in foil boxes and then taken to the homeless people of Sunderland.

30th May the ward held a munch and mingle after Sacrament where the members brought food and enjoyed each others company.

24th June 2010 The Relief Society held a work meeting to help each of us organise our 72 hour pack so that we will be prepared in the time of need.

9th June 2010 the BYU Dancers in “Capture the Magic” came to the Sunderland Stake, the Stake organised them to put on their show at Temple Park Sport Centre in South Shields. The night was real “Magic” with the BYU group yet again excelling themselves. The members came from all parts of the North England to enjoy the night.


Members of the Hughes Family from the Sunderland Ward decided to take part in the race for life. There were four generation that took part in the race ages from 4 to 82.

Front left to right Katishe Hughes, Nichola Hughes, Silsa Hughes, Maya Hughes.

Standing behind Rebekah Hughes, back row right to left Helen Hughes, Jessica Hughes, Sheila Hughes, Mary Laverick and Jean Mahoney the other three are the Higgins family.

Brother Andrew Hughes organised the Sunderland 5k on the 4th September. The course was around the Silksworth Lakes. The race was well organised by Andrew Hughes and well attended by members of the Sunderland Stake. The weather was good to us and was a very enjoyable day.


30th September 2010 the relief society president Sis Helen Hughes organised a visit from the local Fire service to give the sister a talk about fire safety in the home and with emergencies. The sister were all told how to keep our homes safe and what to do if we ever discover a fire. Each of the sister that did not have smoke alarms in our homes were each visited in their homes and the fire service in stalled a smoke alarm free of charge. Also any sister that had chip pans in stead of deep fat fryers were also given the chance to swap their pans and in return were give a deep fat fryer also free. The evening was a very good night and all the sister went home feeling safer in their homes.

The Ward Relief Society Carol concert was held on Thursday 9th December at 7pm.The night was planed and organised by Sister Doreen Patterson and Sister Joan Gray. The theme was the life of Christ, the sister opened it to the ward so that the priesthood did not miss out.

24th October 2010 Sister Jane Herron died this day. Jane was a well love sister in the Ward, Jane played the piano for many years in the church, she also taught some of the young ones Jessica Hughes, Zoe Kennington and Lauren Richardson. Jane was the daughter of Gordon and Margaret Bryan, born at Sunderland 26th Nov 1912, she was Baptised 19th Feb 1976 in the Sunderland ward by Elder Wilder and confirmed the same day by Elder Kenneth Peirson

21st December 2010 The ward members were really in the Christmas Spirit this year when they sang Christmas carols at two old peoples homes. First was the Holymere Care home where about 30 ward members sang a good selection of Carols and even sang requests with one lady requesting “Jingle Bells”. After the singing the members all have time to chat to the elderly this was what Christmas is all about giving of ourselves. Then it was back in the cars in the snow to the next home, this was Highcliffe in Carleyhill where one of our members Joan Ross works. It was a very good experience for the members, we did have to be careful when we left that we did not loose some of our members as they blended in very well.


Sat 22nd Jan 2011 January started very well for the Sunderland Relief Society sister with the Elders  treating the sisters to a meal to thank them for all their efforts in the Ward over the last year.  They cooked and served the meal so the sister could just sit back, relax and enjoy.  It was a very good meal and with no washing up what more could we ask for.

24th February 2011 the Relief Society invited the Priesthood to their meeting when Dawn Hughes came to do a presentation to the sisters, the Theme was “Hygeine Packs for Africa. The sister had been collecting things like tooth paste, brushes, soap

Throughout the summer Sis Helen Hughes President of R.S has making sure the sisters stay healthy by having a walk in the park each week with the sister it has been going so well that they extended invitation to the Priesthood. It has been a very well attended throughout the whole of the summer. 

left to right Joanne Poulton with her children Jonathan and  Rebecca Mantell with Lilly Jessica Hughes, Helen Hughes with Elizabeth and Seth.

August was a sad month for the Sunderland Ward as we are loosing the “Watt Family” with Robert and Fran with their son Sam, they have been in the Sunderland ward from moving down from Scotland in 1989.

10th September 2011 was the date of the Sunderland Stake 5K Family fun run organised by Andrew Hughes of the Sunderland Ward. The weather was with us that day which made it more fun for the children. The run took place at the Silksworth Sports complex in Sunderland, the race started at the bridge just behind Sainsbury’s up to the lake around the large lake and then along the side the smaller lake and back to the start and around the whole course again. The fun run was well attended with members and non members taking part, for the ones that found 5K a little too hard there was also 2/5 K which some of the children took but most completed the full 5K. At the end of the Run each was given a Medal and a “goodie bag” everyone enjoyed the day and looked forward to training for next years big run.


 Sunderland Ward Halloween Party

31 Aug 2011 the Halloween party went off very well with everyone enjoying themselves there were lots of games for the children including fancy dress and pumpkin competition.

Face painting by Sis Silsa Hughes and lots of lovely food more could we ask for.

7 Dec 2011 was the date of the Sunderland Ward Christmas Nativity organised by sisters Josie Davies.

The Children all dressed up Ethan Hughes was Joseph and Hannah Jones was Mary. there were lots of Angels ,Shepherds and a few Kings. With the help of Aarron Liddle the narrator, the children all made the birth of Christ come to life and helped everyone to experience the Christmas Story.

Some of the children of the ward enjoying a visit from Santa at the ward Christmas party.


Sunderland Stake Conference was held 29th January 2012

24th February 2012 The Relief  Society sister activity this month was Hygeine pack for Africa. The day started with the sister of the Sunderland ward making cloth bags that were filled with wheat for the homeless of the City. The Wheat bags would be taken to a refuge and heated up and given to the homeless people as they left the refuge that they maybe able to keep warm a little long in the cold winter weather. On the evening Dawn Hughes a non-member came and gave a presentation to the sisters, she told of all the help that was need for the families of Africa and how we could help them. There was also a presentation by Sis Smiles thanking the sister for the wheat bags and telling of the hardship that the homeless people of Sunderland. 

18th February 2012 a film night was held in the hall with many of the ward members attending. 

10 Apr 2012 Sister Margaret Bate passed away today. Margaret the wife of David Bate was baptised into the church 17th May 1958 and has spent all her life as a faithful member of the church working in many different position ward and stake levels. She was served a Temple mission with her husband and worked for many years as Family History Directors. She will be greatly missed by the members of the ward and Stake.


Each week on a Friday night you won’t fined the sister sitting around doing nothing for each week the Sister get together and enjoy keeping fit with a game of netball, the age does not matter you can be from 8 years to 60+  because that is the ages of the netball team. The sister from all over the Stake enjoy a good game and enjoy the company of the sister that they are getting to know.                  

The Helping Hands this years was helping to tidy up the Mowbray Park in Sunderland. The members young and old all helped to pick up litter or pull out weeds to help with the City to keep the park looking beautiful. The young ones enjoyed a well earned ice-cream at the end of the day.


July 2012 Rebekah Hughes  the daughter of Bishop Andrew and Helen Hughes  a member of  the ward was chosen from Barnes school to represent the school in the Olympic school fun run. Two children were chosen from each school in Sunderland to represent all the school children in the City in the Olympic fun run, the children ran with their own torch that was made by the children of each school. The day was a very wet day which made the ground very muddy so not ideal to run on but this did not stop the children from enjoying the day.

22nd December 2012 The Sunderland Ward party was a great hit with the members again this year; Bishop Andrew Hughes again excelled himself and all the hard work was much appreciated. The games were great the food was great and of cause Santa was the hit of the night. Every one enjoyed meeting with each other.

23rd December 2012 The Primary children really helped the ward members feel of the Christmas Spirit this year with their Nativity. The Nativity was held in the Hall at 6 o’clock on the Sunday evening the children all did very well considering most of them were under 8 years of age.  This year the story was told as if being reported by the local News Paper while the children acted out the story. A very good night and a thank you to all the Primary Presidency.